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Category: Charge Pipes
Following the success of the Trackslag K04 charge pipe we were asked to make one for K03/K03s owners who also wanted the same look and pipework route. It's designed to work with the OEM k04 brackets , for which we supply new larger straps to accommodate the larger diameter pipe. K03/k03s turbo...
K04 Charge pipe
Reference: TSK04
Category: Charge PipesMk2 Golf
K04 Charge pipe to replace the L shaped pipe and red elbow which comes as standard on all BAM and AMK 210/225 bhp engined cars. We designed the first version of these back in 2013. Since then, due to advances in machinery, we've re-worked it so we can make it from one continuous length of cnc ...
Category: Charge Pipes
Our new K04 charge pipe design not only tidies up your engine bay, but it also points the spurs for the diverter valve and boost control toward their relevant components. Whilst you can modify your existing hoses to fit, these hoses are cut to suit the angled spurs and made from nomex lined si...
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