Manufacturer specialising in Aftermarket, Performance and 4 x 4 auto parts. The RTS team of professionals have over 20 years experience within the U.K and European markets.



RTS Performance 5 Paddle Uprated Clutch Kit This new upgraded performance clutch for the Golf R, S3 and other EA888 Gen 3 equipped vehicles from RTS promises big things. The unique design combines a twin purpose friction plate utilising both organic and paddle designs with a retracting strap p...
Variations Available: Twin Friction RTSF6006,5 Paddle RTSPC-6006
RTS unique “Twin Friction” (drive plate) has been developed using a unique flywheel side friction material whilst adopting a segmented pressure plate face.. The aramid friction exhibits 50% less wear than a conventional drive plate friction material. This material also reduces the e...
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